News you need...awards programs and computer returns!

Honors programs will be produced as special videos and will be available through Schoology, the school webpage, and social media links. Programs will be posted on the following days by 10:00 am.
6th grade -- Wednesday, May 20
7th grade --Thursday, May 21
8th grade--Friday, May 22
Students and parents will be asked to return laptops (including both parts of the charging cable), library books, etc. on the following days:
6th grade -- Thursday, May 21
7th grade -- Friday, May 22
8th grade -- Tuesday, May 26 
We will provide specific instructions and procedures for material returns, and we will share that here and through social media as soon as it's available. You will receive your certificates, awards, etc. on this day.
Thank you for your patience as work together to make this a fabulous end to this unique school year. #woodlandway #catspride
**This plan only applies to middle schools. If needed, please check with elementary and high schools for their plans.