Summer Interventions Program

The Bartow County School System recently sent out the following information to parents and students:

The Bartow County School System will host its first-ever Summer Intervention Program June 1 - June 24 for all students who do not show proficiency on one or more of their identified essential standards by the last day of school. If it appears your child may need this additional assistance, you will be notified by letter on or before Friday, May 7. This in-person Summer Intervention Program is required, not optional for all identified students. Teachers are working now to create the initial list of students and what essential standards they may be lacking. This list of students will be receiving the initial notification letters.  

Through our Professional Learning Communities process, each grade level and subject area collaboration team work through a rigorous process to identify essential standards or critical knowledge your child must acquire while in class. Students work on these essential standards all year and are provided ample intervention time if they do not show proficiency. This new summer program is only for students who still need extra assistance on their ELA and/or Math essential standards at the end of the academic year.

Again, the middle school Summer Intervention Program is specifically for students who have not met proficiency on all their essential standards in English Language Arts and Math by the last day of school.  Teachers have already begun the process of remediating students and will continue, in a concerted effort, all the way until the last day of school.

If required to attend the program, Monday through Thursday sessions will be held at your child’s school starting June 1. Lunch and transportation will be available. Students who qualify for summer intervention will exit the program once they have met proficiency on the identified essential standards even if completed before June 24. The Exceptional Education Department will also offer support to students during the Summer Intervention Program. 

 Elementary and Middle School: Kindergarten – 8th  

Tuesday, June 1 – Thursday, June 24 (No Friday Sessions)  

8:00 am to 11:30 am  

ELA/Reading and Math  

Location: All Schools   

Breakfast, Lunch and Transportation Provided  

As always, if you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to call the school for additional information.