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Connections Math

  • East Paulding High School
  • University of West Georgia- BS in Middle Grades Education
About Me:
For 17 years I taught 6th grade math. Last year, I started a new journey teaching the connections math classes. I enjoy helping students who believe they are no good at math overcome their fear and gain confidence with their math skills.  This is my 19th year teaching.  
In addition to teaching, I sponsor the 4-H club. I was a member of the 4-H club when I was in school from 5-12th grade. 4-H helped me build communication skills in front of a group and one on one. I learned to give my service to better my community, country, and world. I traveled to many places though the 4-H program and made some life-long friends.
School was not always easy for me. But, I had a wonderful family who encouraged, believed in me, and helped me as I was growing up. They supported me, picked me up when I fell, cheered when I succeeded, and had my back for better or worse. I had coaches, 4-H leaders, and church group leaders who were there to inspire me through. I want every child to have what I had growing up, a support system, someone to believe in them even when they think they can't or want to quit. I still want to be that person who believes in and supports these students into whatever their future may hold.
I enjoy watching my 13 year old son play football and baseball. Most of my time, if not at school or home, I am at a ball field somewhere.  My husband Brent and I have been married 18 years in October. We have one child Trent who is 13 and loves sports. We have 2 dogs Remy (Jack Russell) and Kota (Yellow Lab).