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Book Fair Information

Book Fair:  November 1-8, 2019

General book fair information: 

  • The book fair will open to students each morning after morning announcements. 
  • Parents are welcome to drop in any time Monday through Thursday, 8:15-4:00 and Friday, 8:15-12:00.  Parents, make sure you sign in as a visitor in the front office before going to the library.  **Due to an unforeseen conflict, the book fair will be closed on Wednesday.  
  • Make all checks payable to Woodland Middle School.  Checks should be written for the purchase amount.  We cannot give cash change for a check.  You may choose to leave the check amount for Dr. Mull to complete.  Write a limit on the notes line if you'd like.
  • We accept major credit/debit cards.  If you send your child with a credit/debit card, please write a note approving the purchase.
  • We do not add tax to purchases.  
  • Check out the website below to see how you can add book fair money to an account for your child!  No need to send them with cash, check, or card!
  • The book fair will close to students each day at 3:30.  Students will only be permitted in the book fair after buses leave if they are accompanied by an adult. 
  • If you really want an item, buy it early in the week.  We try, but we cannot guarantee that items will be restocked.
  • WMSE library program receives approximately 20% of book fair sales as profit.  This money is used to purchase new books.
  • Book fair products and prices are determined by Scholastic.  The presence of a product/book at the book fair should not be considered as endorsement by Woodland Middle School or the Bartow County School System.  As you would with any retail product, please use discretion in your purchases.  Except in cases where the merchandise is faulty, all sales are final.
  • Shop the online book fair at and have a bigger selection of products.