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ACT a Woodland Cheerleader


  • Be elite...all the time!  Give your very best at every practice.  This is how you and your team will achieve your very best.  Giving "less than" limits you and your team and will only result in frustration, team division, and harder coaching!
  • Take personal pride in your sport.  Word hard to achieve your goals.  It will not be handed to you - those who work for their goals will be fulfilled in their accomplishments!
  • Be personally dedicated to work on growth outside of practice!
  • Maintain good physical fitness.  WMS Cheerleaders will be asked to do cardio and core-strengthening exercises on a regular basis (abdominal work, push-ups, running, etc.).  Cheerleaders must be able to perform their entire routine with energy and vigor!
  • Get your rest.  Being tired doesn't lead to successful or safe practices.
  • Maintain healthy eating habits.  Your body needs quality food and hydration in order to perform the tasks WMS cheerleading requires.  Athletes who neglect their nutrition often end up forgetting to "fuel" or settling for low-quality "fuel".  This not only hurts you but your stunt groups as well when you are feeling less energetic.


  • Be courteous, friendly, and respectful to others.
  • Be honest and truthful regardless of the consequences.
  • Have a positive CAN DO attitude.  Your coach will push you to reach potential - join their efforts!
  • Have a healthy sense of self-esteem.  This means that cheerleaders refrain from negative self-talk and excess acts of attention seeking, and say thank you when given a compliment.
  • Be an active listener and accept constructive criticism.
  • Have good time management skills in order to balance personal time, family time, school work, and cheer.


The following behaviors are not acceptable for Woodland Cheerleaders:

  • Insubordination or disrespect of any kind, including temper tantrums, outbursts, lack of participation or effort, talking back, eye rolling, etc.  This extends school-wide (not just at practice or events).
  • Failing classes
  • Inappropriate social media, language, pictures, etc.
  • Gossip (regardless of the subject)
  • Negative/bad attitude
  • Uniform neglect or violation
  • Not prepared for practice (practice attire, hair pulled back, nails, etc.)
  • Laziness
  • Instigating, encouraging, or engaging in any physical violence or verbal altercations
  • Use of vulgar or profane language
  • Excessive public displays of affection
  • Inappropriate behavior in school
  • New piercings during the season


Violations will be handled at the discretion of the coach.


  • Be supportive of your teammates’ successes and cheer for others.
  • Be reliable.  Unlike other sports, there are not additional team members who can effectively fill in for you.  Wildcats have to step out in faith to trust each other – to trust that their teammate is going to be at practice, give full effort and care about the squad’s goals.
  • Contribute positively to the working environment for your teammates, whining, complaining and laziness cheapen the sport, limit you from reaching your potential and hinder your team from reaching its goals.