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When you become a WMS Cheerleader, you become a representation of our program, your teammates, and the sport of cheerleading - even on the Internet & Social Media! It is important that if you have Facebook, Twitter, etc. you recognize that there are certain expectations in terms of acceptable material:

¨ No photos representing alcohol, tobacco or drugs or wearing excessively revealing clothing.

¨ No content that consists of sexual, aggressive, or immature behavior.

¨ No foul, vulgar, profane, offensive or obscene language is permitted. This includes comments posted by others on your site.

¨ No personal information should ever be posted, including: Address, phone numbers, class schedules, etc.


YOU are LEADERS. YOU represent this program & your coach. People look up to you and it is very important that you create a positive image for yourself and our program. Lead by example...all the time...everywhere





WMS Cheerleaders are expected to know the material once it has been taught. This means practicing on your own to know your parts (especially if you were absent). Practice time will be spent learning new material, improving areas of weakness, and mastering the routine.

¨ Be prepared: correct practice attire, hair pulled back and out of your face, jewelry off, nails cut short, water bottle filled, bladder empty, etc. before practice begins. We don’t have time to wait for you!

¨ Cell phones are not allowed when you are with the team during practices.





WMS Cheerleading is a team sport. Without everyone present, the team cannot accomplish its goals. Practice is MANDATORY and absences should be avoided whenever possible. Any absence or tardiness results in the entire squad being inconvenienced, and others’ sacrificed time becomes ineffective and unrewarding. Please consider the other members of your team when coordinating your schedule.

¨ The coaches work hard to respect and accommodate families, school, etc. when setting a practice schedule. Once a schedule is set, we expect the same level of respect and consideration for the teams’ time. When considering missing a practice, please keep your teammates and the progress of the team in mind.

¨ School is a top priority for every athlete. However, procrastinated schoolwork is not an excuse to miss practice. Plan ahead!

¨ Be ready to begin practice at the schedule time. Ready is defined as: proper attire on, bladder empty, jewelry off, shoes on, hair up and out of face, etc.





Wearing a WMS cheerleading uniform is an honor. Your uniform, which includes: skirt, shell, jacket, shoes, bows, bag, etc., should be kept clean and neat! It is a disgrace, to not take pride in our uniform appearance.  Anytime that we are in uniform we are “performing”. It is not acceptable to be “out of uniform”. For example: it is not acceptable to have your bra-straps showing, to wear slippers, flip flops, sweats or a sweatshirt, etc. with your uniform! Take pride in your uniform and the unity of your team.  This also applies to any WMS clothing.  DO NOT allow your friends to wear your cheer clothing to school.

¨ Uniforms are to be worn at each performance and to school on designated game days—unless otherwise determined by the coaches

¨ Members shall ONLY wear their uniform to official events, designated game days or otherwise decided by the coaches.

¨ It is NEVER ok to loan your uniform out to friends. YOU earned the right to wear that uniform - treat it as the honor it is.